Thursday, August 12, 2004

Metered Space release

I'm really excited. Metered Space, the first in the Jack Meter Case Files series, is out. This story has has an incredible life, so far, with it being published twice as an ebook, and now in electronic format and paper by Zumaya.

Anyone who wants a bit of a teaser can go here. I have a soft spot for this story, since it started while I was participating in a writing lab on the net, and it developed from there. I couldn't let go of Jack --my protagonist-- who kept bugging me. I had so much fun writing it, because I played with words, placed inside all sorts of hidden clues and messages, and it's fun to see who gets them and who doesn't. I never took myself seriously when I wrote it, but it's really the only one of all the novels I've written that has taken off. So far.

I'm busily working on the second in the series, working the final edits. It should appear in 2005, so I can actually call myself an "author"!

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