Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Counting down...

I'm getting nervous, now. I sent the invites, ordered --and received-- the books, settled on the venue, the time, etc. What if nobody comes?

On Sunday, 3 October, I'll have my first book launch. I decided to do it at the sailing club because it's a beautiful place, and I know a lot of people there, but I've been told it's not central enough and there's no bus service, such as there is downtown.

My friend Biff Mitchell, in his current blog entry, discourages aspiring writers from picking up the pen (literal or virtual). In his words: "Forget it, you twit." I can see where he's coming from.

I think it's Lawrence Block who said that most writers wanted to have been published. The effort, the work, the rejections, the heartache are all part and parcel of a writer's life, but if, on top of that, you think you'll make a buck... forget it, you twit. After expenses, I'll be making about 50 cents per book (and that's Canadian cents).

Why do it, then?

Arrogance, I suppose. I have stories to tell, and I want people to read them. It's as simple as that. And the only way I can share those stories with the greatest number of people possible is to try to get published which, nowadays, is as easily done as pushing up rope. Even if you do get published, there's no guarantee that you'll get read.

So, if you live in the Ottawa region, take pity on a poor writer and come buy my book on Sunday, 3 October, from 3-5pm at the Nepean Sailing Club.


Anonymous said...

woohoo! Will there be food? Wish I could be there. Fortuna! -Robyn

M. D. Benoit said...

Hey, Robyn,

Thanks for the good wishes. I'll let you know how it turned out.