Friday, October 01, 2004

Boffo, or Boffin?

Ever wonder what a schlimazel is? Have you ever written a threnody? Or absorbed petrichor with a sense of total well-being? And if I told you I'm hoping for a boffo book launch, and hope that some of my boffin friends will show up, would you know what I meant and tell me it's a sure thing, and to stop this gadzookery?

If I sound like I'm not speaking English, sorry to disappoint you. I am. For a couple of years now I've subscribed to, a word service that sends a different word to my email box every day. It provides a fascinating glimpse into some of the arcane words --as well as some of the more ordinary ones-- of the English language.

English has a way of absorbing words from other languages and adopting them as is. Anu Garg, the word wizard, always gives a definition and the origin of the word, then adds a couple of examples on how to use that word.

From Australia to Zimbabwe, there are more than half a million subscribers. Highly recommended for any word lover.

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