Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dating through the Ether

Lately, it seems many of my single friends have thrown themselves into Internet Dating. It hasn't worked any better for them than for Judy Wolf, who tells us of her "Reasons I Came Up with to Discontinue My Internet Dating Membership", one of the featrues at cautionarytale.com. Here's some of what she says:

I'd originally thought, when I started this type of pro-active dating experience that it would work for me because I do not go to bars and when I do actually leave the house, it's to go to work, do something with my kids or to just spend time with myself.

NOW I'm thinking these are GOOD reasons to leave the house. I'm thinking I am FINE with these reasons.

It's a wild world, out there.

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Shelly said...

I liked your site. And your blogs are short, I like that too. I guess I have a short attention span.