Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bravo for self-delusion

In a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, US students fared near the bottom of the countries surveyed in math knowledge, 28th out of 40 but "with the poorest showing relative to dollars spent on education". And as SciScoop goes on saying:

On the positive side (see chapter 3 of the report, "Students beliefs about themselves"), US students were reported to have the highest self-esteem, with 72% saying they were good at math. In Hong Kong, in contrast, only 25% said they did well - Hong Kong was ranked 4th of the 40 countries.

This is positive? I think these kids need a reality check. This is another example of the US attitude with which they may bring about their own demise.

In contrast, Canada was 13th. "Australia, Canada, Finland and Japan stand out for high standards of both quality and equity, with above-average mathematics performance and below-average impact of socio-economic background on student performance."

Good old Canada, safely in the middle as usual, sitting on the fence, happy about itself.

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