Friday, December 03, 2004

Miracle Foods

Religion can do strange things to people. Some come from genuine faith and have positive results. Some lead to exploit others or "see" things. There's the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese that sold on eBay for $28,000 and the Virgin Mary Holding Baby Jesus Corn Kernel. There's the Jesus Fish Stick, and the NutriGrain cereal that looks like ET (which sold for $1035). There's the Tennessee Nun Bun (a Mother Teresa lookalike) and the Miracle Tortilla of New Mexico, sporting the face of Jesus. Finally, there's the Aubergine Slice of India, which has been enshrined in a mosque because its seeds spell the word Allah in Urdu.

Is it only me, or do all these show a kind of desperation to feel the divine in their lives? Or maybe I'll just put my cynical hat on and say that these people are looking for their five minutes of fame.

(From Museum of Hoaxes)

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