Wednesday, January 05, 2005


If you still haven't any idea of the devastation created by the tsunami in Banda Aceh, these two pictures will make the point.
Here is what Encarta gives as information on the mosque:

The black domes of the Grand Baiturrachman Mosque rise above Banda Aceh, the capital of the special Indonesian region of Aceh. The mosque was built in the late 19th century and expanded in the mid-20th century. Aceh has a total population of 4,213,400 (2000 estimate), with most people living in rural areas.
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The mosque is still standing, but there is nothing left of the city. Nothing.

Some villages along the coast have disappeared so completely, it's impossible to know how many people have died. Over 500,000 people in Aceh alone will have to live in camps until they can rebuild their lives. All they can do now is mourn their dead and their vanished.

If you haven't already helped, do so. Now.

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