Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pushing censure way out there

There has been a lot of talk about banned Disney movies and banned books in the States because of the belief that they promoted homosexuality. I won't comment on that, but I came across an article that made me shake my head:

"Defensive back Randall Gay wore a New England Patriots jersey as a member of this year's Super Bowl-winning team, but when one of his former college professors tried to order a personalized jersey in tribute to Gay in mid-February, she was turned down. The National Football League's official online merchandiser,, refused to imprint "Gay" on the back of a Patriots jersey because it was a "naughty" word, one of 1,159 the shop has banned. (Two weeks later, after the Web site picked up the story, the word was removed from the list.)" [Times-Picayune (New Orleans), 3-3-05]

Over eleven hundred "naughty" words? I can't even think of that many. Maybe I've led a sheltered life.

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