Friday, May 20, 2005

Practice makes perfect

Yeah, right. I've been trying to draw for years and I still can't put a stick figure together. However, there are some who do like to doodle. My friend Robyn loved the Mr. Picasso-Head site so much, that I decided to include this do-it-yourself painting site, just for her.

On the other hand, for those who love art but restrict themselves to simply looking at it, there's always Paris' WebMuseum. It not only has some very cool paintings, but they are also explained, with background from the artists. Or again, there's the Virtual Museum of Canada, which gives an overview of Canadian Art from various museums across Canada (warning: IE works better to view the works of art). For instance, they have over 200 samples of the Group of Seven, Art Deco examples, and some women artists. Very cool.

I think I'll stick to admiring talent.

The picture is "Juan Gris" by Pablo Picasso.

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