Thursday, June 16, 2005

Two great blog discoveries

Ann Lamott, author of one of my favorite books about writing, bird by bird has taken to blogging at TPMCafe. In her usual sardonic style, she expounds her opinions about life (society, culture, media, etc.) and is not short of comments back.

The other great blog I discovered is called BAGnewsNotes and is an in-depth analysis of photographs presented in the media, photos that are used to underscore an article. It's controversial, sometimes (okay, most times) politically heretic, and absolutely fascinating. This blog lets us realize why a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, the photos often convey a different message than the words. And Michael Shaw definitely meets two of his objectives, to "analyze "high profile" news, advertising and advocacy images for the way they reveal political or cultural stereotypes, and to encourage and help train my readers to become better consumers of visual news media, advertising and advocacy images, and political propaganda."

Definitely two blogs that go on my list of faves.

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