Thursday, September 08, 2005

Weirder, indeed

From a picture of moving rocks in Death Valley, CA to that of a fetish model wannabe with a 14.5" waist, Odd Pics proves that life is weirder than fiction. Most of the pictures are commented and seemed to be "true" as far as trick photography can be detected these days.

There's also a fascinating page on Death Trivia, such as:
  • "Elvis and Charles Schultz were the #1 and #2 money earning dead people in 2002. Elvis made $31 million; Schultz made $9 million"
  • or
  • "Napoleon killed over a thousand people with a cough. In 1799 he was deciding whether to release 1,200 Turkish prisoners of war when he coughed and said, "Ma sacrée toux!" (my darned cough) which sounded to officers like "Massacrez tous!" (Kill them all!). So they did."

Now try to make up something as bizarre.

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