Monday, February 04, 2008

The rush is on

My second novel, "The Wildcat's Victory", was released on Thursday. It was scheduled for January and just made it under the wire. It's on Double Dragon's site right now and should be out in POD on Amazon by the end of the week. I should post the links when I get them.

I have a virtual book tour booked for March and am just starting to get things done in preparation. Then, my editor has a blog tour going right now for her YA fantasy and I'm preparing a blog interview for her -- maybe we could do one here. (?? Dom?) I don't know if they sell a lot of books, but the cross linking should drive a lot more traffic. I'm also supposed to start a new blog for my blog tour -- with some promotional coaching. I may shift everything to it if it gets better traffic than my other two sites -- keeping to two blogs, it and this. I've decided to suspend my rant blog and post on a discussion group instead -- Canadian Content.

Another couple of jobs showed up this last week. I was already secretary of a local constituency association and the treasurer is moving away -- so I took that over temporarily because of the election. Election being the next job, the writ was dropped today. Will be doing my bit to get rid of the second worst government in North America -- the Alberta Tories.

The Wildcat's Victory --

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